Wedding Trends 2020

At Polaris Events we endeavour to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to wedding trends. Creating new concepts is always exciting for us and our aim is always to create a unique wedding for each and every couple. So if you’re having a North West wedding, keep reading for some ways to keep your wedding on trend.
Eco Conscious Wedding
We live in a, more than ever, eco conscious world and playing your part through your wedding can be super rewarding. Following in the footprints of Princess Eugene last year, many couples are choosing to have a sustainable wedding. Whether that’s through reducing your plastic waste or your carbon footprint, there are so many ways to get involved. Rather than using cut flowers, a wedding trend we are seeing more and more of is trees and potted plants becoming more and more commonplace, since they can be re-potted. Luxury E-vites by independent artists are also on the increase, such an easy way to reduce paper waste. Or how about using biodegradable confetti? There are so many ways to do your part nowadays and whether you use local suppliers or up-cycle/recycle more bits from your wedding, you’re sure to leave an impact!
Long Banquet Tables
This has been a re-emerging wedding trend this year, everyone loves a long wedding table set up! And why wouldn’t they? Elegant, timeless and more natural feeling, this kind of set up can make your dream wedding truly stand out. Seemingly endless arrays of candles, glassware and florals for your eyes to follow down a linear path, table settings and food lined up beautifully. No wonder this layout is so loved! But be warned, longer tables take up more space than the round banqueting tables so you will have to coordinate with your wedding venue to work out the ideal number of guests for your space if you choose this type of wedding floorplan. This type of set up is great for the outdoors too so whether youre having your wedding in a marquee or courtyard, you know you can create a feast for the eyes.
Suspended Florals and Installations
You may have heard, at Polaris Events we love creating a floral installation and we have some fabulous ones to showcase in the future. Floral suspensions create the perfect romantic ambiance for a wedding, whether as a feature above a sweetheart table or head table, or above a mirrored dancefloor, they can create a breath-taking visual for you as the couple to be under and for your guests to see. More popular are the wispy wisteria and gypsophilla encapsulated arrangements as they bring the ethereal romantic whimsy that compliments the ambience of a wedding so well. Floral installations can be created any which way, whether you want to go bold or green with foliage for a rustic vibe, there are no limits. One thing is for sure though, these kind of instalments are always loved and remembered!
Local Venues
It’s no secret that the cost of weddings is on the rise and that includes the price of venues in the country. This is why we have also seen a resurgence of people getting married in the city as well as their favourite local haunts. Not only does this create a sense of community and nostalgia, but we’ve noticed these couples save the money on the venue and can afford to splurge a bit more on décor and entertainment. Being able to have a local venue with all the trims can be more magical than a country wedding after all! A note-worthy wedding idea indeed!
Vegan and Vegetarian Menus
With people also eating more consciously and more and more delicious vegan and vegetarian wedding food options available now than ever, you can see why people are choosing to incorporate these menus into their wedding or even taking over the entire wedding. Rather than having a specific amount of vegan and vegetarian set menus, couples are choosing to go full vegan and vegetarian menu wise for their big days. And of course that is the wedding couples prerogative!
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