Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Stylist

What can you do in my budget?
Giving your wedding stylist a budget to work with from the offset means that they can tell you where your money is best spent. As a rough idea of how budgets can vary drastically, some of our clients want a wedding for £1500-£3000, where they have a small guestlist and the biggest part of their decor is a ceremony backdrop and a few tall centrepieces. However, most of our clients fall in the £4000 to £9000 bracket, with slightly larger guestlists and more decor, such as aisle decor and top table decor, as well as details such as table numbers and wedding signage. Then there are a lucky few, who are able to style their big days with budgets of £10,000+ again including larger guestlists and luxury items such as mirrored walkways and plinths with tall centres for entrance foyers or multiple suspended florals. Knowing what you can get in your budget gives you a realistic idea of what you can expect your big day to look like. It will also help you to decide on what big features and what small details you want to hone in on. Having a balanced wedding is a must and these are all things that your wedding decorator can help with.
When will you start set up and clear up?
It is important to know when your venue stylist will arrive and when they will be able to dismantle as it helps you to plan your day accordingly. You don’t want your stylists there when guests arrive, so you need to know when the venue will allow venue decorators to begin set up so you can leave the right time gap for them to do their job. Weekends are usually fully booked for most event decorators, so usually both set up and clear up of your venue will have to be on the same day. Knowing timings helps to plan your day better. Eg. You want your venue dresser to have set up all the centrepieces before the caterers arrive. Some venues only allow access to wedding suppliers at certain times so you need to keep this in mind when planning your day.
Could you recommend…?
If you are still in the process of choosing all of your suppliers, including your venue, your wedding stylist is a great person to get some feedback on other vendors in the industry. Wedding stylists meet a whole range of wedding vendors over their years of doing the job. So whether you want to know which venues have the best lighting or exteriors, or you want to know which caterers show up on time and pay attention to detail, or which photographers styles they think would suit your wedding style, your venue stylist is a great person to get some ideas and recommendations from.
Do you work with fresh or silk flowers?
The resounding comment we get on our silk florals is: “are they not real?! They look so real though!” usually followed by a stroke of the floral arrangement in question because they just cant believe that the flowers aren’t real. This gives us a true feeling of accomplishment, because whether your client goes for silk flowers or real, you want both of them to bring the vibrant lively feeling that flowers bring to a space. However, not every floral artist is created equal, and if you are looking for great floral arrangements or installations, you need to scope out the persons who match that expectation.
How long have you been working in the industry?
Now, we are firm believers that longevity in a position isn’t the only thing that gives a person or a business credit; newcomers in any field can bring a newer and fresher perspective. However, it is so essential that you see past works of your wedding stylist before you decide whether to book them or not. If they have a certain aesthetic, you must trust that, your day WILL look like that aesthetic. i.e. A venue dresser whose previous work isn’t what you’re looking for, isn’t going to become what you’re looking for just because you show them your Pinterest board. Its going to be a version of your pinterest board in their style.
Lastly trust your instinct, a person who is confident in what they do will come across as being such. Your wedding decorator should be someone who makes you feel like they not only understand your vision, but also as someone who has the capability to bring it to life. Someone who is punctual and responsive, who you can reach out to ask any question big or small and rely on to get back to all your queries in a timely manner. That way you can rest easy knowing your big day will go exactly as you plan it.
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