5 Things To Consider When Setting A Venue Dressing Budget

Planning for your big day brings with it a whole host of emotions, with so much to do and think about you’re likely to feel everything from excitement to bouts of stress. This is completely normal and expected, one way to help control the process is by setting a budget, which, you’ll need to do before the planning commences.
As a venue decorating and styling company, one thing we frequently find when sitting down with our clients to plan the decor for their special is that they often forget to budget for venue dressing. This is easily done when you have to think about your venue, dress, food, entertainment and everything in between.
However, venue dressing is, more often than not, one thing that couples (brides especially) place as a must have above many other things on their big day, and this oversight in budgeting often leads to them not getting exactly what they want. They spend thousands on a venue only to find they have zero budget to decorate it and make it their own.
We have listed our top 5 things to think about when deciding on decor and what to budget for:
1. Ceremony Decor
Decorating your reception venue or room is what comes to mind when couples start talking about venue dressing. However, the ceremony is where the wedding begins, decorating the space in which you say your vows is equally as important as the reception. There a variety of options when it comes to adding your personal touch to your ceremony, from romantic aisle decor to chair styling to stunning archways and backdrops, there’s no reason why your ceremony room shouldn’t be as unforgettable as your walk down the aisle.
2. Reception Decor
Your wedding reception is where you and your guests will spend most of the day and night, eating, drinking and celebrating your new marriage, so you’ll want it to be unforgettable. No matter what venue you have chosen, you’ll want it to not only look it’s best, but also reflect you as a couple and add your own personal touch to it, this where your venue dressing comes into play.
When deciding on the decoration and styling for your reception you’ll need to consider your colour scheme or theme and then decide on centrepieces, table linen and chair styling, tableware, floral installations and backdrops, lighting, signage and so much more.
3. Number of guests
The number of guests you have at your wedding will play a big factor in how much you spend on your wedding decoration and styling, it will impact the number of centrepieces, chair sashes/cover, table settings and wedding favours etc you will need. Working out your guest list prior to setting a budget is a good place to start, based on 10 guests per table you can then set a budget per table plus a budget for all other styling elements you will need/want.
4. Fresh or Artificial flowers
The type of flowers you choose, whether that’s in your bouquets, centrepieces or floral installations will play a huge factor in how much you should budget for your decor. Fresh flowers are always more costly than artificial so will require a bigger budget, especially if you want a lot within your venue dressing. Nowadays artificial flowers are extremely real looking, and if you use high quality silk, chances are no one will be able to tell the difference. Artificial not only save you money, but they won’t just be thrown in the bin after, and as they can be used all year round, you’ll be able to see exactly what your flowers look like beforehand.
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5. Venue
The size of the venue you choose will ultimately determine the amount of venue dressing you require, you don’t want a huge space with barely any decor to fill it. Keep this in mind when booking your wedding venue, as perfect as it may be, if you don’t have the budget to dress it to it’s full potential there’s a chance it won’t have the wow factor you want on the day. Choose a venue that is adequate for your number of guests, this way you’re far less likely to go too over the top or too toned down when it comes to dressing the venue.
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