How To Throw The Ultimate Baby Shower Baby

Baby showers have become increasingly popular in the UK in the past year, after parent’s to be have started to follow in America’s footsteps. And the trend shows no signs of slowing down, in fact, this year they are looking to be more popular than ever.


It’s an exciting time for the parents, family and friends, a new addition to the family is always a great reason to celebrate. So, whether you’re planning for yourself or your bestie, here at Polaris Events we have compiled the ultimate guide to creating the perfect baby shower and share our ideas on themes, decoration and more.

When to Throw the Shower:

Timing is key when it comes to throwing a baby shower, you don’t want it too close to the due date nor do you want it too early on in the pregnancy. Typically, people wait until early in the third trimester, between 7 and 8 months, this allows for mums to know that all is well in the pregnancy, and they aren’t so close to their due date that baby may make an unexpected arrival.

The time of year you choose to throw the shower will also help determine what type of venue you wish to host out, if you’re lucky enough to be able to throw the shower during the summer months, then an outdoor party is always a great idea.




Choose the Location:

Some soon to be mums may prefer the comfort of their own home to host their shower, with a smaller number of guests it can feel intimate and chilled out. However, if you’re throwing the party for someone else, it’s probably best not to host it at their house. Not many expectant mothers will appreciate having to tidy up after a full house of guests and a long day of fun!


Look at the number of guests you plan to invite, if there is a substantial amount, hiring a venue is a great idea. Do your research and view a few different options to help choose the perfect space, we suggest looking at the Mum-to-be’s favourite restaurants, hotels or even private outdoor gardens (weather permitting) and selecting a location she will love.


Venue hire is a great option as not only does it give you a blank canvas to work with when thinking about layout and decorations, it will also include all the tables and chairs you will need for your guests. Choosing to hire a venue will also mean that you will be able to make use of in-house catering too, saving you time on cooking and cleaning up afterwards, giving you one less thing to worry about.



The decorations at a baby shower are our favourite part, they bring the whole day together and really bring life to your chosen theme and vision. What’s more you can go as over the top as you like or keep in subtle. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your baby shower decorations, the first being your venue. As mentioned previously, the venue will ultimately determine what type of decorations you can have so we suggest settling on your venue first.


Outdoor venue:

A stunning outdoor venue can already make for a beautiful party backdrop, use the surroundings to your advantage. If there are trees you can use things like streamers or fairy lights dangled between them or hang lanterns to add warmth and colour. Outdoor balloon arches, tepees, colourful parasols, fresh or silk flowers and acrylic signs are also great additions to any outdoor space.


Restaurant/café or Hotel:

If you’re hosting the baby shower in a restaurant or hotel, they may already have items you can utilise for your décor – it’s worth asking before you make any decisions on what else you may need. The beauty of using an indoor space, especially one with plenty of space is that you have the freedom to go crazy with your baby shower decorations, think flower walls, balloon displays and arches, giant props and flowers!



Hosting a baby shower at home is a great idea for so many reasons, however, the amount of space you have to work with will play a large part in deciding what decorations you can use. So as to avoid anything over- crowding, use things like an acrylic welcome sign and use the buffet or food table as the focus with a gorgeous backdrop as the focal point.


Some of our favourite decoration pieces are:

  • Balloon Arches & installations
  • Flower or foliage walls
  • Circular or geometric backdrops
  • Flowers – fresh and silk
  • Giant props
  • Bespoke signage

Theme, Theme, Theme:

Choosing a theme for your baby shower is a vital step in the planning process, it sets the tone for the entire event and can be used to incorporate the expectant parents’ personalities. The traditional pastel colours are always nice for any baby shower, whether it’s a boy, girl or a surprise, we suggest adding little touches of metallics to bring a slightly more classy, adult feel to the décor.


But don’t be afraid to go bolder, use a brighter colour palette or go for an all-out theme. Tropical and animal/safari is still hugely popular and is perfect for summer soirees, maybe the parents have a favourite film or holiday destination that can be incorporated into the theme. Again, time of year and venue should also be taken into consideration when choosing a theme and a layout, we suggest opting for colours, themes and accessories that tie in nicely with your chosen venue and reflect the time of year.


No matter what theme you choose, have fun with it but ensure its cohesive – no one wants to see baby blue bears blended with Harry Potter!

Food Glorious Food:

Food is an important part of any party, get it wrong and people will remember. However, with a baby shower the main person you need to cater for is the expectant mother, it’s important to keep in mind any dietary restrictions and foods that may be causing any morning sickness.

The type of catering you do will depend on number of guests and venue – if you are hiring a venue that’s providing catering then this may be a sit-down meal or a buffet style. Tea parties at home or at a venue are always popular as they are easy to cater and can provide an array of options for everyone, these are also easy to decorate and incorporate your chosen theme.

Drinks wise, we would suggest sticking with soft drinks and mocktails, after all, it’s not fair for everyone to sip champagne while the mum to be sips apple juice! Again, having drinks that fit in with your theme is a great idea, it’s easy to do and it’s thought into the little things that make the whole day feel more cohesive and well planned.

Baby Shower Treats


Games and Activities:

What’s a baby shower without a few baby themed games? After all, you need to keep the guests entertained and engaged. We suggest choosing a handful of games that will get everyone involved but not take up so much time that no one has the chance to mingle and chat.


Some of our favourites are:

  1. Draw Baby Draw – this is a really simple and fun game for everyone. Hand out some pieces of paper and coloured pens and set a 5-minute timer. Get the guests to draw what they think the couple’s baby will look like. At the end the mother will choose the winner and they will get a prize!
  2. Pin the sperm on the egg – a baby themed take on the traditional pin the tail on the donkey. The guests take it in turns to be blindfolded and attempt to pin the sperm to the egg – the player that comes closest wins!
  3. Who Knows mummy best? – compile a quiz all about the expectant mother. Players can be split into teams or as play as individuals, whoever gets the most answers correct wins.
  4. Baby Playlist – split the guests into teams and give them 60 seconds to list as many songs with the word “baby” in the title. The team that has the most (real) songs correct wins.
  5. Spoon Feed – Have the guests break off into pairs and get them each to wear aprons and a blindfold. One person should feed a pot of baby food to their partner, the pair that empties the jar first (into their mouth and not down their front or on the floor) wins!

And if you and your guests aren’t totally into games, then why not set up mini spa stations for manicures and pedicures.


The Final Touch:

To make the shower extra special and finish off the whole day, try adding little extras like a sweet table or candy cart, dessert station and photo booth– this is fun for all and a great way to document the special day, use baby themed props to really add to the fun. A baby shower cake is a must, go for a design that fits in with the theme and if you really want to wow your guests and say thank you, then why not provide bespoke wedding shower favours!

Polaris Events are dedicated to bringing our clients dreams and visions to life – we offer bespoke event design for all events. If you have a baby shower to plan and would like to contact us to see how we could create your dream day, then contact us here.

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