How to choose your wedding colours: 5 helpful tips

Deciding your wedding colour scheme isn’t as easy as choosing a colour you like, then covering everything from your venue to bridesmaids in that colour. Quite the contrary, your wedding colour palette should be as personal to you as your first dance song, you should strive to select colours that are an extension of your personal style as well as creating a stunning wedding aesthetic that works.
We would always suggest choosing your wedding colours early on in the planning process, this will make a lot your decisions along the way much easier. And to help you out, we compiled a list of simple steps to follow to help you pin down your perfect wedding colours.
1. Get inspired by your venue
Choosing the venue is one of the first things couple do in the wedding planning process, and doing so will really help you when it comes to deciding your wedding colours.
If you find a venue you love but it clashes with the colours you had in mind, think grand historic castles or stately homes, switch up the colours you were thinking to incorporate the aesthetic and beauty of the venue.
On the other hand, venues such as marquees, warehouses and outdoor spaces are usually a “blank canvas”, making it easier for you to choose the colour palette you want without clashing with existing décor and you can quite literally go wild!
No matter the venue, we always suggest looking to it first for your inspiration, you may think you are set on a colour palette, but then the details or hues within the venue may spark a new idea you hadn’t yet considered.
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2. The Season
Seasons are a beautiful thing, and with it come a host of new colours, flowers and greenery. Just like with your wardrobe, your wedding colour scheme can be inspired by the season in which you say “I do”. Pastel colours are a staple for spring, whilst bright colours such as coral work perfectly for summer weddings. For autumn weddings think burnt orange, plum or even navy blue, and for those walking down the aisle in winter you could opt for deep reds or for a more muted palette combo silver, soft blue or pale pink. However, don’t feel that you can’t go for a colour you love because it doesn’t fit with the seasonal colour rules. Just remember, to choose complimentary colours, in different shades and textures to create a cohesive, put together look.
3. Set the mood
When planning your wedding, you really want to think about what sort of mood or vibe you want for the day. And your wedding colours can really help you create this.
Do you want a day that is luxurious with an air of drama? Then opt for dark, rich colours such as jewel tones with accents of gold or black. Whereas if you want a relaxed, more romantic feel to your day, choose soft pastels or a more muted palette of nudes and white, accented with gold or silver.
Whatever feel you want for your big day, really think about the colours, shades and textures that put you in that mindset and use these to create that.
4. Go to what you love
Choosing your favourite colour as the premise of your colour scheme isn’t a bad place to start, however there are things you’ll want to do in order to make this work for you on the day. Choose this is as your main colour, and have it as the one that will feature most prominently throughout your wedding. You’ll want to choose two or three complimentary colours, these can be completely different colours that work with your main colour, or just different shades and hues. Doing so will add different dimensions and a natural feel that will help create a unified look without looking boring or un-styled. To really finish the look, you’ll need to consider the finishes, these include things like vases, candle holders and cutlery, again choose a finish that is going to compliment your chosen colours and really set off the look.
5. Dare to be different
When it comes to choosing your wedding colours, there is no “rule book” or “one size fits all”, what matters is you and ensuring you curate a day that feels authentic to you! So, whilst paying homage to the season or venue in which you are marrying is always a fail safe and will no doubt create a stunning aesthetic, that doesn’t mean it’s what you have to do. If you want deep, moody colours in the height of spring, because that reflects you and they are the colours that bring you joy, then go for it! There are some slightly out there, yet utterly stunning colour combinations that work so well such as red, orange & sage, mint & violet or coral & blue. Don’t forget, go with what you love and add in elements that make it work!
Don’t forget, if you are unsure if the colours you want are going to work or not, ask a professional. Wedding stylist do this job year-round, and know what works and what doesn’t and will be able to help you incorporate the colours you love into a day that is stunning and unique!
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