Reasons You Shouldn’t DIY Your Wedding

Having a DIY wedding can be lots of fun, you can have a lot of creative input and add personal touches that a stylist may not be able to. It can however be a stretch to undertake for the following reasons!
You’re Not A Creative Person
You may have a strong vision as to what you want your wedding décor to look like but putting it together may not be so simple, if you’re looking to DIY. That is because wedding stylists have the skills, experience and resources to bring a wedding styling to life; trust me, we tried it. That was back when this wasn’t something we had decided on doing full time and even though it was fine at the time. Looking back, having now been doing this for a years, we wish we could go back and do it as professionals. Wedding venues all have different aesthetics and it’s a wedding stylist experience of dressing such a variety of venues that gives them the greatest insight. That being said if you are a creative individual and you want to DIY it, you could probably making a good go of creating the aesthetic and ambience you desire, particularly, if it is an intimate wedding. If you KNOW you are not creatively inclined though, that is where it is more important to leave the wedding styling to the experts.
It wont save you that much money
Okay… so, this depends on your overall vision, if you want mostly candles and vases, no flowers or a couple of stems, you probably could DIY your wedding for less.
But, if you’re thinking of doing a bigger or more elaborate set up yourself, it would be helpful to remember that you are not privy to the insider tips and tricks or suppliers and bulk discounts that wedding decorators are. Again, we’ve been through the experience both as DIYers and as professionals and we know that once you start buying “bits” they can easily turn into “lots” and you can start to question whether you have saved money after all!
Either you or your loved ones will miss out
It is stressful
Your big day shouldn’t turn into a stress fest. A persons wedding day is considered to be one of the biggest and most special days of their life, and surely that day should pass with the minimal amount of stress possible. Do you really want yourself or your loved ones, to not be able to rest of get ready and indulge in the happiness of your day?
That’s where a wedding stylist can relieve the pressure, a good stylist will put you at ease. Going to a venue, setting up, staying long after your guests have gone to dismantle, that part of the wedding is not a fairy-tale for anyone involved; it’s a job. Yes, you and your nearest and dearest will muck in, but maybe its worth asking yourself whether that’s how you want them or yourself to start or finish your special day!
Wedding stylists have experience and connections to suppliers that you don’t
We have access to the best flowers, the best furniture and the best backdrops, because we have spent years curating them. We build connections and that counts for a lot when you are buying in bulk and bringing someone’s dream wedding to life. We know what blooms are available in what season and can get our hands on some difficult to source pieces.
Sometimes some décor bits seem super simple to do, but in actuality, the curating can be more difficult or costly than you may think. Sometimes, setups, look more impactful than they truly are in real life, because the are close up shots of tiny centres, not giving the TRUE full impact to the viewer. If you don’t know the right length to cut your flowers, how some flower stems may need to be taller than others, how setting up candles in certain formations is more effective, these details make all the difference.
Advice aside, wedding planning is can be super fun, and it’s always nice to get loved ones involved, so if there are some talented individuals around you, making the most of that talent is of course great to be able to do, so whilst we wouldn’t suggest doing the entire (unless you find you are able to contend with all of the above) set up yourself, sometimes it’s those personal touches that can make all of the difference. Whatever you decide, have fun with it!
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