5 Reasons You Should Have A Wedding Stylist

A wedding stylist is someone who can transform a venue from top to toe in meticulous detail turning your wedding venue into a vision for your dream day. Most people can’t envision how a space can be transformed until it’s actually done and this is where we thrive. As wedding decorators, we are passionate and creative individuals, who flourish when given the task to make your big day exactly how you imagine it.
1. We can alleviate the planning and decorating pressure
Styling a wedding from start to finish is a huge task to undertake especially when it’s your first time doing event décor. DIY weddings can be done well if you have a lot of people on hand to execute them or your wedding is very intimate. If you don’t have one of the above, it’s always better to leave this daunting task to the experts. Time and time again we come across once brides who tell us that they wish they had just hired a wedding décor stylist. Why? Ultimately, as a bride, the last thing you should be doing on your wedding day is setting up. This is YOUR BIG DAY and it should start and end stress free. Your job is to turn up, look radiant, party and jet off into a well-deserved honeymoon. And believe it or not, even when you do have the love and support of people willing to lend a hand, it’s also not the most enthralling job for a bridal party either. Instead of being able to immerse themselves in the excitement of the day, they may find the day more pressurising and more stress inducing than you would want them to undergo. A wedding stylist alleviates this pressure, because this is our day job, and every wedding is a labour of love, meaning that every detail is seen to and fine tuned to the tee without anyone having to worry about them.
2. We know how to create your Dream wedding
As wedding decorators, we find nothing more satisfying that making sure that each and every couple gets the wedding of their dreams. First of all, having a wedding stylist who understands your vision is a must. Or if you’re not entirely sure about what you want, you want someone who is able to LISTEN to your ideas and direct you into a vision without forcing ideas onto you that are not what you want (so often brides get swayed by family members and friends as to what they should have their wedding look like; especially when they don’t have an outside voice to really listen to them and their ideas, which is why we love to have multiple conversations to get down everything that you have in mind before you commit to any ideas) Our expertise means we can suggest colour pallets, create sketches and suggest ways to enhance your wedding overall. Often if we have already dressed a venue, we will have seen it in so many layouts that we can give you suggestions that you may not even have thought of. Most of all, you will rest assured through each step of the way that your dream wedding is about to become a reality.
3. We have access to reputable suppliers
Lets face it, weddings can be stressful but a wedding decorator can reduce that stress in so many ways. Not least that we have connections to so many other suppliers, whether you’re looking for a wedding stationer, or lighting for your venue, we only want to work with and suggest people who we know are good, because if their work is good, our work looks extra amazing so recommending the best is the only way we achieve this. So often we get clients asking us to recommend wedding suppliers and often we liase with those suppliers on behalf of the clients so that we can coordinate with them and make it one less worry and one less person our couples need to contact and chase up in the run up to their big day.
4. We will be Realistic about what you can achieve within your Budget
A good wedding stylist knows that BUDGET is also a big factor for every couple and you want a wedding stylist who can adhere to your budget and emphasise the areas that are best suited to allocate that budget to. There is no point being roped into spending your money getting everything personalised, if the main statement pieces are lacking and a good wedding stylist knows this all too well. This is why we will get all the ideas down and discuss each element with you. Through these discussions we can usually gauge the elements that are most important to each couple and can then help you to prioritise what to spend your wedding budget on.
5. If you have a wedding stylist you don’t have to worry about the clean up!
The wedding is not over when the wedding is over if you DIY! Is there anything more anticlimactic for you or your loved ones, than to having to pack up your wedding after it’s all said and done?! Whether it’s the morning after (the worst kind of hangover remedy) or the night of, it’s a task sure to take away the magic of the day. Surely, you want yourself and your nearest and dearest to leave with the buzz of romance and excitement? Having a wedding stylist on hand means that you and your guests can do just that, leave the venue carefree, take your dancing feet into the night or taxi and passports in hand with no worries about what’s happening with all the décor because you know your venue will be spic and span under the care of your wedding decorator.
Hopefully this gives you great insight into why a wedding stylist can be an essential part of a wedding and how years of wedding decorating expertise will help to elevate your wedding to the heights that you deserve.
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