22 Wedding Decoration Trends For 2019

Wedding decoration trends change every year meaning that each and every couple can ensure that they create the most unique wedding that reflects who they both are, whilst also setting their big day apart from others. Alongside these new wedding trends sit the classic wedding trends that always remain timeless. Combined, these wedding trends can give your big day a contemporary feel whilst also making those wedding photos stand the test of time.
Neon Signage
One of the big trends for weddings this year is Neon Signs. 2019 weddings will see a rise in Neon Sign usage. Once used for arcades and storefronts, neon has made its way to the fore and it’s not hard to see why. Whether the neon sign is paired with a flower wall backdrop or used on a plain wall, its sure to gain a lot of attention, with all your guests wanting to take a photo of it, if not with it! Coming in so many colours and styles they are sure to add a personalised touch to your wedding.
Balloon Arches
Let the on-cloud-nine feeling of your wedding day float into your décor through balloons. Balloon arches as backdrops in particular are seeing a rise, using beautiful colour schemes to mesh in with your wedding theme, they make a gorgeous statement.
Paper Flowers
Paper flowers are intricate and the effort that goes into making them is obvious to everyone who sees them. These wedding decorations are so popular right now. Used for backdrops or on accessories they are sure to impress.
Bright colours
Say bye to pastels and make space for vibrant 70’s inspired colours like yellow and purple. Expect to see more peach, violet and periwinkle colours, replacing the been-there-done-that, champagne and blush schemes.
In recent years wedding signs have been dominated by chalk and blackboards, but 2019 weddings will see a change. There’s a new type of signage in town: Acrylic! These see-through signs are the newest trend to conveying your wedding information.
Flowers are an important and integral part of a wedding. No matter the culture or type of ceremony, you’ll be sure to see flowers incorporated one way or another, whether it’s the bride’s bouquet, a flower garland or beautiful centrepiece.
If you’re getting married this year, no doubt you’ve been paying close attention to the current and emerging trends, especially the trends for wedding flowers, as this often sets the colour pallet for the whole event. We have done a roundup of the top flower trends for the year…some of them may surprise you!
Purple Reign
No, we aren’t paying homage to the 1980’s Prince classic (although we will forgive you if you choose to sing it karaoke style at the end of the night) but to the gorgeous jewel toned colour itself. That’s right, purple is set to be big next year, especially for weddings. From soft Lavenders to deep Boysenberry, Purple is predicted to be the colour of the year and will feature heavily in flower arrangements. Finished off with succulent greenery, it’s set to bring a wow factor to anyone’s special day.
Colour, Colour Everywhere
This year, along with several years previous, we saw a huge array of white, ivory and blush pinks within bouquets and centrepieces. 2019 is set to wave goodbye to the muted tones and say a big hello to bright and deeply coloured flowers. From rich red’s to sunshine yellow, colour is going to bring a breath of fresh air and youth to somewhat traditional weddings. We suggest blending statement Colour with more subtle tones and hints of metallics.
Another key trend this year was greenery, and we saw it in abundance. Used on its own in natural, whimsical bouquets or draped romantically along tables and railings it’s been a favourite amongst 2018’s couples. This trend is set to continue throughout 2019, but we see it being used incorporated with beautiful bights to create bouquets and wedding décor.
Floral Installations
As we said earlier, flowers won’t be going anywhere in 2019, in fact, it’s likely we will see more than ever, as brides and grooms choose floral installations to add that extra touch of class and luxury to their big day. Expect to continue to see flower walls along with hanging flowers, floral walkways and centrepieces and draped greenery. Its’ the perfect way to seamlessly bring the outdoors in.
Foliage: Bringing the outdoors, indoors
As we saw this year, there were vines and palm leaves galore. Next year this trend is going nowhere, paired with whimsical and natural flowers, they are sure to give that romantic aesthetic to your big day.
Flowers: Dahlias, Peonies and Ranunculuses
Dahlias will be the quintessential focal flower in 2019 for any centrepiece arrangement or bouquet. Their intricate layers and vast array of colours mean they are versatile and will see a drift away from the muted flower colours we have seen in the last few years. Peonies and Ranunculuses with their lack of uniformity bring a relaxed and natural feel and will also be very popular.
Your wedding aisle is how you will make your big entrance, so you will obviously need it to be perfect for your walk down it. Whether you go simple with petals on a white walkway carpet or go more elaborate with floating candles in vases, we have you covered. Read on for more wedding aisle dressing ideas.
Lanterns with pillar candles, flowers and foliage
This is a simple but elegant set up. At the end of every pew, these are perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings.
Aisle Decor
Gypsophilla in metal buckets
In true rustic form, these metal buckets filled with Gypsophilla are perfect for a barn wedding or an outdoor wedding. They wouldn’t look amiss in an industrial setting either.
Pineapple and palm leaves
A big wedding trend in 2018 which will continue into 2019 is the tropical theme. Why not bring a taste of the exotic into your wedding with pineapples and palm leaves at the end of each pew. Sure to make a statement!
Petals like you haven’t seen them
Rather than scattering petals over an aisle runner, why not create an aisle edge with the petals and then cascade the petals at the start of your walkway. The blended effect is visually stunning and sure to make your entrance grand.
Plinth it up
Right now wedding plinths running down the aisle are all the rage. Whether they are acrylic or marble, clear or white, they are sure to make an impression on your guests. With flowers placed atop they look regal and bring that touch of elegance to your moment.
A Different Type of Cake
Alternatives to the traditional wedding cake remain en vogue for 2019 wedding desserts. Rather than a three tier traditional fruit cake, wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes now. Whether it’s a three tiered cupcake and cake stand or three cakes on separately elevated platforms, or a wedding cake dessert table coordinated with your theme, the possibilities are endless.
Food: The New Canape
Grazing tables have also seen a rise and are predicted to be a big hit for weddings 2019. Grazing tables and large cheese platters are trickling into wedding food tables, creating a sophisticated yet casual experience for your guests. Get rid of the waiters with canapés and create these pieces of art that will have your guests instagramming a crowd pleaser for all to see.
Geometric Shapes
Geometric shapes are dominating wedding themes, whether through invitations or backdrops, centrepieces or favours, these pointy edge shapes will keep your 2019 wedding on trend. Combine them with metallic colours and further accentuate this popular wedding trend.
Candles: Scents to Remember
Scented candles are how candles are being re-invented this wedding season. A scented candle at each table is a surefire way to remind you and your guests of your wedding through scent in the years to come.
Confetti: It’s Raining Colours
Coloured confetti is very popular no only does it bring a pop of colour into any moment and also because, let’s face it, it makes for fantastic photos that are super instagrammable.
Tables: Bye Bye Round
Banqueting tables are become more and more popular for the bride and groom on their big day. For a start they can sit with their family and friends, everyone can see each other and with low florals they create the perfect ambience.
We hope you enjoyed this round up of the latest wedding trends for 2019 as much as we did – if this post has given you lots of inspiration and you want to recreate any of these ideas or add something special to your own wedding then make sure you give us a call or book with one of our wedding planners at Polaris Events, so we can help you make your dreams into a reality!
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