2021 Wedding Trends: 9 trends you can expect to see this year

Every year we take a look at what’s set to be the hottest wedding trends for the year ahead. There’s no denying that 2020 has had a huge impact on what we can expect from weddings in 2021, being heavily influenced by the Coronavirus lockdown. Meaning weddings in 2021 will look different!
We are seeing that couples are adjusting their expectations of what their wedding day will look and feel like, with two clear trends emerging: We will see ‘micro weddings’ become the norm, those opting to focus on the more intimate parts of their day and scaling back, on the flip side we will see the ‘maxi wedding’ with couples adopting a ‘go big or go home’ mind set when it comes to guestlist, décor and postponed weddings.
Keep reading to see the 9 wedding trends we predict will be big in 2021!
1. Micro Weddings
A micro wedding is a wedding with 30 guests or fewer in attendance, and 2021 is set to see the rise of this new trend. The reason for this can be three-fold, it may be due to budget constraints, number constraints due to coronavirus lockdowns or it may simply be that the recent pandemic has given brides & grooms the chance to reflect and re-evaluate what’s important to them on their big, sharing it with their nearest and dearest! Either way, small, intimate weddings are set to be a new normal throughout 2021 and even going into 2022.
2. Concept Lighting
This year weddings will be all about the details, and one key detail not to be overlooked is lighting. Helping to create the ambience and mood for your wedding, what you choose will light your dream venue, make your photo’s perfect and set the tone for your evening, whether that’s an indoor or outdoor affair. What’s more, lighting is another perfect opportunity to get creative and bring your design vision to life, from whimsical fairy lights to industrial Edison lights and cleverly placed up lighting, there are lighting concepts for every venue, budget & style.
3. Sustainable/Eco Weddings
Sustainable weddings are not a new concept, it is something that brides & grooms over the past few years have increasingly put as a top priority for their wedding, and that trend is set to continue throughout 2021. There are many ways you can make your wedding eco-friendly, starting with reducing your carbon footprint by hiring local vendors and buying local flowers and food. There is a huge trend in using potted plants or trees instead of traditional cut flowers, which can later be re-potted in yours or even your guest’s gardens. Opt for eco-friendly Evites instead of printed, you can choose a second hand or vintage wedding dress (helping to save the planet and some pennies) as well choosing reusable signage and décor.
4. Weekday Weddings
Weekday weddings are another trend we will see in 2021 on the back of coronavirus restrictions in 2020. With so many couples having to postpone their dates, venues and vendors all across the country have very slim availability in 2021, meaning weekday weddings have become the viable option. There are perks to a weekday wedding though, couples will be able to have their dream venue, likely at a much more affordable rate as well as the suppliers they initially wanted. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic way to support the businesses and individuals who may have been hard hit at such an uncertain time.
5. Maxi Weddings
On the opposite end of the spectrum to micro weddings, 2021 is likely to see lots of maxi weddings! With the recent pandemic putting a halt to many couples wedding plans and taking away a lot of precious time with their loved one, we will see a lot of weddings that are bigger than ever! With many wanting to share their special day with even more guests, choosing to celebrate in an even more elaborate way, with larger-than-life décor and entertainment, living by the phrase ‘go big or go home’.
6. Bold & Beautiful Colours
Here at Polaris Events, we love colourful weddings, whether it’s pastels or vibrant hues, there is something about colour in a wedding that just hits differently. Luckily for us, and you, 2021 is set to be a year of stunning colour for weddings. Colour can easily be incorporated into your wedding day through your flower choices, stationary, crockery and bridesmaid dresses, you can opt for subtle hinted beautiful blended in with traditional whites and foliage, or you can go bold with a multitude of complimenting colours or hues throughout all your wedding décor. Below are a few of the colours that are set to big in 2021:
· Lilac & Lavender
· Yellow – check out pantones colour of the year “Illuminating”
· Orange – the new coral and peach
· Green
· Light Blue
7. Big Feature Décor
With restrictions on numbers of guests, we are going to see couples counteract the ‘micro wedding’ by going big on the smaller details, a huge part of that will be opting for big, lavish décor. You can do this by using an abundance of luxurious faux flowers to create show stopping floral installations, meaning you can make a statement at a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers. Think flowers cascading from the ceiling, elaborate centrepieces and extravagant backdrops.
8. Mini Wedding Cakes
Last but not least, we have cake! Wedding cakes are set to become more creative than ever in 2021, and part of that creativity comes with downsizing. Mini cakes are set to be a hot wedding trend this year, in part this will be due to restricted numbers, one mini cake per guest will lead to far less waste than a traditional multi-tier cake. The shift to the mini cakes may also be down to budget constraints, but most importantly, this will be a key trend because they look fantastic! Several mini, intricately decorated cakes perfectly styled along with the rest of your wedding décor, will create a unique, show stopping display.
9. Seasonal Servings
In 2021 the wedding breakfast and even the cocktails will be more sustainable and in season. We are going to see a huge trend in not only opting for catering that is locally sourced, but also food and drinks menus will be created based on seasonality, providing optimum freshness and flavour. As well as benefiting from the freshest ingredients and helping lower our carbon footprint, the other upside to opting for locally sourced produce, is that couples can support local farmers, growers and producers in these testing times, as well as overcoming any supply issues that currently may come from overseas produce.
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